Maternity: Broken Trust – A Heartbreaking Look at UK Maternity Wards

A furious, harrowing but always sensitive documentary airing on Sunday at 10.15pm on ITV1 sheds light on the heartbreaking experiences of new parents in the UK who have faced unimaginable tragedies and are now fighting for accountability from hospitals. The episode starts with the story of Sarah and Jack, whose daughter Harriet was stillborn at the hospital where they were both employed. Initially told it was due to an infection, an inquest later revealed that the death was preventable. The couple is part of a group of parents who have faced similar heartbreaking experiences, including one couple who were accused of depriving their twins of oxygen after their concerns were dismissed, leading to the death of one child.

These parents have faced numerous challenges, from waiting years to receive their hospital records to being gaslit by medical professionals claiming they do not remember things correctly. Their stories are shocking and shed light on the broken trust within the UK’s maternity wards.

In other TV highlights for the evening, Soccer Aid for Unicef 2024 airs at 6pm on ITV1, providing a fun and charitable event featuring celebrities and footballers raising money for Unicef’s humanitarian work. Later at 8.30pm on BBC Four, Inside Classical showcases Brahms Symphony No 4, exploring the human spirit through music. BBC Two’s On Thin Ice: Putin vs Greenpeace at 9pm delves into the gripping story of Greenpeace activists’ clash with Russian authorities over Arctic oil drilling.

At 9pm on Channel 4, The Piano: The Final episode airs with a thrilling musical competition, while Channel 5 presents Shetland: Scotland’s Wondrous Isles, offering a glimpse into the Viking traditions still alive in Scotland’s Shetland Islands.

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Don’t miss out on these compelling and diverse TV offerings tonight!