UB40 Fans Disappointed as Ali Campbell Misses Norwich Festival Due to Sickness

4 hours agoBy Laura Devlin, BBC News, Norfolk

Fans of UB40 featuring Ali Campbell were left disappointed at the Uptown Festival in Norwich when it was announced that the singer could not make it due to severe sickness. Despite apologies from the organisers, festival-goers complained about not being informed about the change in the lineup after the event had already started.

The festival continued with other scheduled acts such as The Christians, the Earth, Wind and Fire Experience, and DJ sets by Martin Kemp and Craig Charles. However, some attendees expressed their frustration at not being able to see UB40, the main attraction they had bought tickets for.

UB40 later took to Instagram to explain the situation, stating that Campbell had unexpectedly fallen ill that morning and was unable to travel. They reassured fans that he was expected to recover fully. The organisers emphasized that the festival was not solely about the headliner, but rather a diverse event with entertainment for all ages.

Despite the disappointment, the majority of festival-goers reportedly had a great day at the event. However, some fans are still hoping for refunds for not being able to see UB40 perform as originally planned.