Wheel of Fortune veteran Vanna White is facing a tough time continuing on the show without her longtime co-host Pat Sajak. White, who has been a part of the show for four decades, recently signed a two-year contract to co-host alongside Ryan Seacrest. However, sources claim that White is finding it challenging to connect with Seacrest the way she did with Sajak.

The insider revealed that White is considering leaving the show before her contract ends in 2026. The decision stems from the fact that she feels it’s difficult to carry on without Pat Sajak by her side. Despite this, White recognizes the need for the show to attract a younger audience and is open to the idea of a younger female host taking her place in the future.

Before Sajak’s departure, White was embroiled in a salary dispute with the show’s executives. She had not received a raise in 18 years, while Sajak was earning significantly more. However, negotiations concluded with White being offered a substantial increase to stay on until the 2025-2026 season.

Ryan Seacrest, who took over from Sajak, expressed his excitement about working with White and paid tribute to the legendary duo’s decades-long run on the show. In an emotional video, White thanked Sajak for his support and friendship over the years, highlighting the bond they shared both on and off-camera.

The article also delves into the personal lives of White and Sajak, mentioning their children and families. It touches on their impressive tenure on the show, as well as their individual achievements and contributions to television.

Despite the challenges White is facing in adjusting to a new co-host, she remains grateful for the experiences and memories she has gathered over the years on Wheel of Fortune. The legacy of her partnership with Sajak and their impact on the show’s viewers are commemorated in the heartfelt tribute shared by White in the article.