Vanna White recently shared a heartwarming Instagram post celebrating her daughter Gigi’s 27th birthday. The post included rare photos of Gigi as a baby and as an adult, showcasing their strong resemblance. Fans couldn’t help but comment on how much Gigi takes after her famous mother, with one person noting her darker features compared to Vanna.

Gigi, a talented artist, graduated from New York University with a degree in art and has chosen a unique career path as a tattoo artist. Vanna proudly shared that Gigi’s passion for tattooing stems from the idea that her art will be permanently displayed on someone’s body. Vanna expressed her admiration for Gigi’s confidence and skill in her craft, emphasizing the importance of not making mistakes in tattooing.

In addition to Gigi’s artistic talents, Vanna also mentioned her son Nikko’s passion for creating artwork. While Nikko enjoys art as a hobby, his main focus is in real estate, which Vanna believes is a good fit for him. The White family clearly has a knack for creativity, with both Gigi and Nikko pursuing their artistic interests in different ways.

Vanna expressed her pride in Gigi’s career choice and even hinted at the possibility of getting a matching tattoo with her daughter. The idea of having a symbol of Gigi’s art permanently on her body resonated with Vanna, highlighting the close bond between mother and daughter. Vanna’s openness to embracing tattoo artistry reflects her support for Gigi’s passion and talent.

It’s evident that creativity runs in the White family, with both Gigi and Nikko pursuing their artistic passions in their own unique ways. Vanna’s admiration for her children’s talents and her willingness to support their creative endeavors underscores the strong family bond they share. As Gigi continues to make a name for herself in the world of tattoo artistry, she can count on her mother’s unwavering support and pride in her accomplishments.