Whitsunday the railways are almost always busy. But this year, the 9-euro ticket is leading to a real rush throughout Germany. Above all, the increased demand for popular holiday destinations such as Sylt is causing chaos on the tracks. In some places, passengers are left behind.

According to Deutsche Bahn, at the beginning of the Pentecost holidays and after the introduction of the 9-euro ticket, there is very high demand for regional trains, especially to tourist destinations. Travelers reported on Saturday that the trains were sometimes completely overcrowded, and there were also delays. Some train customers would not have found a seat, and in some places travelers with bicycles would not have been able to board regional trains, as dpa reporters reported.

“As expected, regional trains, especially to tourist destinations, are in very high demand today,” said a spokesman for Deutsche Bahn. Passengers should find out more from the local transport associations or via the DB Navigator shortly before starting their journey. In view of the high occupancy rate, it cannot be guaranteed that travelers will be able to take their bicycles with them. “Anyone who can should therefore do without the bike.”

Pentecost is usually always busy on the railways. This year, the 9-euro ticket will be added, with which holders can travel throughout Germany on local public transport in June, July and August. The Pentecost weekend is the first major test for this discount campaign. The train expected large crowds, especially on tourist routes. Transport companies had announced that it would not always be possible to take bicycles everywhere.

At Berlin Central Station, the travel wave had led to dense crowds on platforms and full trains. On Saturday morning there was a large rush on regional trains to Stralsund and Rostock on the Baltic Sea. Federal police officers were increasingly on the platforms. A spokesman for the Berlin Federal Police Directorate said there was a high number of travelers. A particularly high occupancy rate is expected because of the 9-euro ticket. “We are in constant contact with the employees of the railways in order to support their measures – if necessary,” said the spokesman for the Federal Police Directorate. Officials would have already helped on Friday when trains to Stralsund and Rostock were overcrowded at Berlin-Gesundbrunnen station. Travelers were asked to disembark.

In Baden-W├╝rttemberg, too, the utilization of regional trains, especially to tourist destinations, was high. As the operator Go-Ahead Baden-W├╝rttemberg reports, it has not been possible to take passengers everywhere on its own route network. Deutsche Bahn had announced that it would also expand capacities in the southwest.

Numerous tourists and day guests in a party mood arrived on Sylt by train on Whit Saturday. The trains are packed, and the car trains are fully booked, reports a dpa photographer on Saturday afternoon. In the past few days, there has been a lot of talk about Sylt on social media in the debate about the 9-euro ticket. Calls on the net to “board” the island quickly made the rounds.