Love Island 2024: New Filming Location Revealed

In a recent interview with Love Island producer Spencer, the 2024 filming location for the popular reality show has been unveiled. The iconic villa has undergone a massive transformation, with bold colors marking out new zones such as a Miami area and outdoor loungers.

Fans of the show may be wondering if they can experience their own Love Island summer by staying in the villa. While it is possible to book a stay, it comes with a hefty price tag of £5,000 per week. The villa undergoes a complete makeover each year to achieve the glamorous look seen on TV.

The current Sa Vinyassa villa is not the original filming location for Love Island. Previous seasons have been filmed at locations such as Diseminado Poligono 5 villa from 2017-2021 and a stone house in Satanyi from 2015-2016.

While the Love Island villa may not be available for booking during filming periods, fans can still admire its beauty on the Fincallorca listing. The villa’s ever-changing aesthetic and stunning natural surroundings make it a truly iconic location for the hit reality show.