Hollywood star Brad Pitt (58), who plays a contract killer in search of meaning in the action comedy “Bullet Train”, is also interested in his private life. “The older I get, the more I deal with topics such as spirituality and psychology. That helps,” he told the German Press Agency in Berlin.

In his new film, Pitt’s character is also seeking help to become a better person. “He’s coming back to work after maybe reading a self-help book and having been in therapy for two months. He thinks he’s got the hang of it and wants to solve things peacefully in the future,” Pitt explained. But then several sociopaths show up on his new assignment on a Japanese express train. “And then things don’t go according to plan.”

“Bullet Train” by “Deadpool 2” director David Leitch opens in German cinemas this Thursday. In addition to Pitt, Joey King (23, “Kissing Booth”), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (32, “Avengers”) and Brian Tyree Henry (39, “Eternals”) can be seen on a murderous mission.