Actress Lily James Shines Light on Sustainability in Diamond Industry

Renowned actress Lily James, known for her captivating performances on stage and screen, has recently embarked on a journey to explore the world of natural diamond mining in Canada. As the Global Ambassador for the Natural Diamond Council (NDC), James is taking on the role of bridging glamour with responsibility in the diamond industry.

During her visit to the Rio Tinto splitting facility, James had the opportunity to meet inspiring women like Gaeleen MacPherson and Melanie Sangris, who shared insights on the positive impact of diamond mining on local communities. MacPherson, Head of People & Community at Rio Tinto, emphasized how mining can create opportunities and keep families together.

At Diamonds de Canada, James witnessed firsthand the commitment to local sustainability through Polar Bear Diamonds, exclusive to the Northwest Territories. These diamonds come with a certificate of authenticity, promoting transparency and provenance, aligning with NDC’s mission.

James’s experience in the NWT also shed light on the importance of indigenous heritage and community empowerment within the diamond industry. Meeting individuals like Darcy Sinclair, the mobile maintenance superintendent, highlighted the significance of providing jobs and skill training to support local communities.

At the Gahcho Kue Diamond Mine, James learned about sustainable practices and land protection from the environmental management team. The industry’s focus on trust and environmental stewardship was evident, with dedicated professionals like Mason Elwood monitoring water temperatures year-round.

As NDC’s Global Ambassador, James aims to spread the message of “Real, Rare, Responsible” to a global audience, emphasizing the value of ethically sourced products. By sharing the stories of real people she’s met in the industry, James hopes to inspire others to support sustainable practices.

Looking ahead, James recognizes the challenges and opportunities facing the natural diamond industry, including the need for continued innovation and ethical practices. As a Global Ambassador, she is committed to contributing to the industry’s growth and sustainability through firsthand experiences and advocacy efforts.