A minor was indicted for the arson of the porch of the town hall of Bordeaux during incidents following a demonstration against the pension reform on March 23, the Bordeaux prosecutor’s office reported on Friday May 26, confirming information from South West. Arrested on Thursday, this 17-year-old man was indicted for “degradation of public property by incendiary substance in a meeting” and placed under judicial supervision. Four other men have been indicted for the same facts since the start of the investigation, two of whom are being remanded in custody.

The massive wooden door of the town hall of Bordeaux had been set on fire on the evening of March 23, after a day of demonstration against the pension reform punctuated by excesses, this a few days before the planned visit to France, in particular to Bordeaux, of King Charles III of England, finally canceled the following day. The disaster, the images of which had been widely taken up on social networks and in the media, had lasted about fifteen minutes, before being extinguished by the firefighters.