A knife attack left one dead and one injured on the quays of Bordeaux on Wednesday April 10, police sources announced to Agence France-Presse. According to these same sources, the attacker was killed by the police as he tried to flee.

The motives for the attack or the identity of the attacker are not known, police sources underlined, specifying that the facts had occurred shortly before 8 p.m., in the busy area of ​​Miroir d’eau on the quays of the Garonne.

According to a police source, there is “no terrorist connotation at the moment” and “the hypothesis of a brawl for an unknown reason seems to be favored with all necessary caution”.

Bystanders crowded around the scene of the attack, but the perimeter was quickly cordoned off. Police cars and fire trucks were still on scene around 9 p.m.