Chicago Partners Investment Group LLC recently disclosed that they reduced their stake in Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. by 2.3% in the 4th quarter, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The investment group now owns 59,026 shares of the pharmacy operator’s stock, with a total value of $1,541,000 at the end of the quarter after selling 1,362 shares. Other notable investors have also made changes to their holdings in Walgreens Boots Alliance, including WNY Asset Management LLC, Paloma Partners Management Co, Gallagher Fiduciary Advisors LLC, Bontempo Ohly Capital Mgmt LLC, and Brown Wealth Management LLC.

Additionally, several equity analysts have recently shared their perspectives on Walgreens Boots Alliance stock. Leerink Partnrs maintained a “market perform” rating on the stock, while other analysts like Morgan Stanley, UBS Group, TD Cowen, and Evercore ISI adjusted their price targets and ratings for the company. Currently, the consensus rating for Walgreens Boots Alliance is “Hold” with an average price target of $23.57.

In terms of stock performance, Walgreens Boots Alliance saw a 0.6% increase in its stock price, with shares opening at $15.55 on Friday. The company’s stock has fluctuated between a 12 month low of $14.62 and a high of $32.89. Walgreens Boots Alliance reported earnings results on March 28th, beating analysts’ EPS estimates and showing a positive return on equity. The company also announced a quarterly dividend, further enhancing shareholder value.

Furthermore, insider activity at Walgreens Boots Alliance has been notable, with CFO Manmohan Mahajan and Director Inderpal S. Bhandari making significant purchases of the company’s stock. These transactions indicate confidence in the company’s performance and future prospects. Walgreens Boots Alliance operates as a healthcare, pharmacy, and retail company with a focus on providing a range of services and products to consumers in the US and internationally. The company’s segments include U.S. Retail Pharmacy, International, and U.S. Healthcare, each contributing to its overall business operations.

Overall, despite market fluctuations and analyst ratings, Walgreens Boots Alliance continues to navigate the competitive landscape of the healthcare and retail industry. With strategic investments from prominent groups like Chicago Partners Investment Group LLC and positive insider activity, the company is poised for growth and stability in the coming quarters. Investors and stakeholders can expect continued updates on the company’s performance and future outlook as it remains a key player in the market.