EastEnders fans were left scratching their heads after spotting a major inconsistency in Sonia Fowler’s IVF storyline. Despite inheriting money from her late grandmother Dot Cotton, viewers were surprised to see Reiss using his wife Debbie’s funds to finance their fertility treatment. This led to some fans expressing their frustration on social media, questioning why Sonia’s inheritance was not being used as originally intended.

The tension between Bianca and Reiss reached a breaking point when Bianca discovered his deception and demanded the truth be revealed to Sonia. As Reiss confessed about his actions, Sonia was left heartbroken but eventually forgave him with the help of Kathy Beale’s advice.

The conflict between Bianca and Reiss escalated, with Bianca expressing her disgust and warning Sonia about Reiss’s true nature. This led to a heated argument in the Queen Vic pub, leaving viewers wondering if Bianca had crossed a line in her attempt to protect her sister.

As the drama unfolds in Walford, fans are eager to see how the storyline will continue to develop and if Sonia and Reiss can overcome this obstacle in their relationship. Stay tuned for more updates on this gripping EastEnders plotline.