Having first become interested in art through graffiti, Prosper Legault developed an eye for the paradoxical beauties that the streets conceal, particularly at night. This holder of a professional baccalaureate in boilermaking and graduated, in 2020, from Beaux-Arts de Paris, practices an art of urban collage at the intersection of sculpture and painting, mischievously assembling letters and illuminated signs, to which he gives new life.

From scraps from grocery stores, pharmacies, greengrocers and tobacco shops, gleaned from strolls and encounters in the city, he composes his plays on words, signs and materials, urban palimpsests to which he adds his own touch. , as on this Chinese restaurant mirror that he decorated with a frieze of casts of a Dragon Ball Z figurine, or when he created a collision between cinema and art history by crossing Robert Rauschenberg and Robert De Niro. For his first exhibition in the Parisian space of the German gallery (Cologne, Düsseldorf and New York), the young artist presents a new set of around ten works, accompanied by a sound piece written in echo of this precipitate of urban landscape by rapper Jwles. Emmanuelle Jardonnet