“That day I learned that love was not for cowards.” “I wish the days lived with you were still tomorrow.” “I loved you in absolute terms and it turned out to be very relative.” The short stories by Mónica Carrillo (Elche, 1976) present you with a Greek tragedy in three sentences. It has been 10 years since the presenter of the leading weekend newscast, the one on Antena 3 together with Matías Prats, jumped into the Twitter piranha pool to talk about love and feelings as if there was still room for it among cynicism, the memes and the zascas. Against all odds, it was a success. She now collects 300 of them in The Wind Will Take Us. “I am intense with a great sense of humor. I am sensitive and I have no intention of hiding it, but that part of me is the one that I laugh the most,” she explains and, she is not lying, she laughs.

I have written songs for Raphael and Bisbal

I have not scratched myself when I have seen my private life in magazines; What you see is what you get

I am a feminist and, whoever bothers me, I plan to continue demanding a more just and equal society

The wind will take us, by Mónica Carrillo (Ed. Planeta) is now on sale. you can buy it here

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