Life is Strange: Double Exposure Unveiled with Original Hero Max Caulfield for a Dimension-Hopping Murder-Mystery

Max Caulfield, the beloved protagonist of the original Life is Strange game, is making a comeback in the upcoming installment titled Life is Strange: Double Exposure. Scheduled for release in October, this new entry promises an intriguing dimension-hopping murder-mystery storyline.

The game was announced during the Xbox Games Showcase, marking it as a fresh addition to the popular Life is Strange series. Double Exposure follows the narrative of the first game, its sequel, Before the Storm, and True Colors, with Max Caulfield taking center stage once again after her appearance in the initial game and Before the Storm.

Set in parallel timelines, Double Exposure sees Max attempting to solve the murder of her friend Sophie, who is alive in one reality and deceased in another. Players will navigate through the complexities of working with the victim to prevent her untimely death, adding a unique twist to the murder-mystery genre.

Developed by Deck Nine, the studio behind Before the Storm and True Colors, Life is Strange: Double Exposure is set to launch on October 29th. Stay tuned for more updates as the release date approaches.

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