Love Island’s Joey Essex Shockingly Revealed to be Sent into Villa by Late Mum as He Expresses Desire to Start a Family, Says Sister Frankie

When Joey Essex first appeared on The Only Way Is Essex in 2011, he was known for his fresh-faced and tanned persona. With over a decade of reality TV experience, including appearances on shows like Celebs Go Dating, I’m A Celeb, and Dancing On Ice, Joey, now 33, seems to be ready to settle down and potentially start his own family.

Recently, viewers were surprised to see Joey enter the Love Island villa. To uncover the reasons behind his decision to join the show and the type of partner he is looking for, we turned to his sister Frankie Essex, who knows him best.

Frankie, who also starred on TOWIE and has twins with her partner Luke Love, shared insights into Joey’s motivations for appearing on Love Island. She mentioned that Joey is looking for genuine love in the villa and is in search of a partner who values honesty and authenticity over fame.

Having experienced the loss of their mother to suicide when Joey was just 10 years old, Frankie expressed her pride in Joey for keeping their mother’s memory alive. She even shared her belief that their late mother played a role in sending Joey into the Love Island villa, as she would have wanted to see him find happiness and settle down.

In a candid interview, Frankie discussed Joey’s readiness to start a family and how becoming a father is a goal he envisions for his future. She highlighted Joey’s growth and maturity since his TOWIE days, emphasizing his desire to be loved for who he truly is, beyond his celebrity status.

As Joey navigates his journey on Love Island, viewers are witnessing a more vulnerable and emotional side of him, especially when he opened up about their late mother. Frankie commended Joey for sharing his feelings and believes that their mother would be proud of his decision to find lasting love on the show.

Despite the challenges of reality TV dating, Frankie remains supportive of Joey’s quest for love and happiness. She also revealed that Joey’s decision to join Love Island came as a surprise to their family, showcasing his spontaneity and adventurous spirit.

As Joey continues his search for love on Love Island, viewers and fans are eagerly following his journey and rooting for him to find the genuine connection he deserves. In the midst of the drama and romance, Joey’s sincerity and vulnerability are shining through, captivating audiences and showcasing a different side of the reality TV star.