Matt Fitzpatrick: Reflecting on a Decade of Achievements

As Matt Fitzpatrick enters the season’s third major and the final week of his first decade as a professional, he agrees to take just a little time out of the hectic present to reflect. Since joining the paid ranks, Fitzpatrick has lifted 10 titles, including the 2022 US Open, played in three Ryder Cups, reached the top six in the world, and accumulated more than £30 million in on-course earnings.

At Pinehurst for the 2014 US Open, Fitzpatrick made history by becoming the first Englishman since Harold Hilton in 103 years to secure the US Amateur title. He also became the first since Bobby Jones in 1930 to hold low amateur titles at The Open and US Open simultaneously. Despite these achievements, Fitzpatrick still feels a sense of dissatisfaction and strives for more success.

Following a low patch in his recent performances, Fitzpatrick attributes his struggles to scheduling mistakes and a lack of time with his coach, Mike Walker. However, he remains optimistic and believes that he is on the right path to rediscovering his form. As he returns to Pinehurst, a venue where he has fond memories as an amateur, Fitzpatrick looks forward to the challenges ahead and aims to build on his success.

His caddie, Billy Foster, is confident in Fitzpatrick’s abilities and believes that tough majors bring out the best in him. With a renewed sense of determination and positive mindset, Fitzpatrick is ready to face the upcoming challenges and continue his pursuit of excellence in the world of golf.