As well, that the new highway bridge, of Genoa, your first load test on the 23. July had passed: 56 trucks with almost 2500 tons of weight had the static of the 1067-metre-long structure, designed by the Genoese architect Renzo Piano, was successfully put to the test. On Monday evening, Italy’s state has celebrated just two years after the deadly Bridge collapse of Genoa, the finished new building. For the ceremony, the guests of honor had on the road, high above the Ligurian port city gathered.

before politicians recognized the building as a Signal for the departure of the country, drawn by the Corona-crisis. “From a wound that heals only difficult, rises the Symbol of a new Italy”, wrote Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is on Facebook. The Premier and the state President Sergio Mattarella, a number of Ministers from Rome, and public figures were present. Rain and sunshine alternated, shortly before the beginning of the Celebration. It was also at times see a rainbow in the grey sky.

310 working days to completion

also metaphors of rebirth and of hope for the future Would have a measurable weight, the stress test at the inauguration ceremony on Monday evening would have been even harder. All the indications are that the new St. George’s bridge over the river Polcevera, which consists of 50 to 100-metre-long steel beams, which rest on 18-to 45-Meter-high concrete pillars, even under the exaggerated expectations falter. At night, the bridge 43, the headlights will be illuminated. Each light is intended to remind you of one of the 43 victims in the collapse of the Morandi bridge on 14. August 2018 had lost their lives.


The opening of the new bridge is a conditions an important step for the permanent traffic gridlock threatened a port city on the way to less chaotic. For the literally between the sea and the mountains nestled to the city by the separation of its main traffic artery from a loss of around six million euros meant a day. So it has calculated that mayor Mario Bucci.

The government in Rome appointed him as the Commissioner for the construction of a new bridge, and it was only thanks to his special powers, the former Manager of a pharmaceutical company was made boldly through the undergrowth of the Italian bureaucracy beat. In exactly 310 working days, where round-the-clock work was done was completed on the 202-million-Euro building. Only at Christmas, the Work rested. It usually takes in Italy, 16 years for projects with a construction cost of more than 100 million euros will be realized.

“There must be a process”

The new bridge is the only project Element in the case of the Mammoth, to upgrade the infrastructure of the Ligurian capital for the future. Because in the case of inspections of tunnels and bridges in the access roads to Genoa’s numerous deficiencies had been identified, it is repaired for two years and renovated. The result of kilometers – long traffic jams and hours-long loss of time in passenger and freight traffic. A large ring-road to relieve the urban road traffic for decades in the planning, and you will be prevented for decades by those political forces which celebrate the construction of the Polcevera bridge and the tracks propel the nationalization of two decades ago, privatised Italian car.