New Riverside Park Unveiled in Havering Unbeknownst to Many

A new park quietly opened its gates in Havering last month, catching many residents off guard with its presence. As the sun intermittently peeks out from behind the clouds, Londoners are eager to flock to the nearest green space to bask in the summer warmth. The newly unveiled Central Park, part of the Beam Park regeneration project, situated off the bustling A1306 New Road in Rainham, may soon become a popular destination for locals seeking a slice of nature in the urban landscape. MyLondon took the opportunity to speak with residents in the area to gather their thoughts on this hidden gem.

Bart Krysiak, a 32-year-old construction worker, expressed his excitement about the park, intending to make it a part of his daily routine to unwind during his breaks. Despite being advertised as a spacious 2.5-hectare riverside park, some locals described it as more of a modest patch of grassland. Surprisingly, many residents were unaware of its existence even after its grand opening. Elliot Theodore, a 27-year-old Beam Park resident, noted the positive impact of the park on the area’s aesthetics, transforming it from a concrete jungle to a green oasis.

Nomasa Presscodbabb, a 71-year-old local resident, admitted her surprise at the park’s presence, highlighting the importance of such green spaces in enhancing the environment. On the other side of the road, the vast Beam Parklands Country Park offers a stark contrast with its substantial offerings, overshadowing the newly developed Central Park. While the park aims to cater to families with its wooden climbing structure and swings area, safety concerns were raised by Moe Zaman, a 37-year-old taxi driver, reflecting the prevailing unease about crime rates in the borough.

The Beam Park regeneration project, led by the Vistry Group, boasts a plethora of new amenities, including over a thousand homes, a nursery, medical center, retail spaces, and a primary school in the works. However, the park’s lack of visibility and limited facilities left residents feeling underwhelmed. Michelle Biles, a long-time MOT garage worker, highlighted the delays in the project’s completion, citing concerns over housing costs and transportation accessibility.

Despite the park’s potential to enrich the local community, its exclusivity to Beam Park residents has left some feeling disconnected from this newfound green space. As the debate over the proposed train station for Beam Park continues, residents remain uncertain about the project’s future developments.

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