The fronts were hardened, a war was in the air, and a solution in the distant future, as Germany, France and Spain at the conference of Algeciras in 1906, the fate of Morocco sealed. There came to the Duke of Almodovar, the head of the Spanish Delegation, the saving idea: He made a Paella to cook, served it taps the dispute, and lo and behold, suddenly all the problems from the table, because this is now a wagon wheel big iron skillet full of golden polished rice, from which all drew together, her taste of happiness. So anyway, the apologists of Spain’s national favorite dish, tell the story, because, for them, the Paella is much more than just the food of the Poor Valencian rice farmers. It is myth, rite, and a social act of such a connecting force, that he is even international friendships to pins able.

Jakob Strobel y Serra

Deputy head of the cultural pages.

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On the question, however, is how to make the only authentic Paella, can peoples the friendship. Legendary the indignation in Spain is, as the British chef Jamie Oliver dared to throw Chorizo in its pan, and still harder she was, as his American colleague Jamie Bissonnette – the self-proclaimed “Paella Master” of the East coast – the court botched scallops with green asparagus, and Galician Venus. The true essence of Paella can be a passion for a fight, because there is no Moses, would have announced your last recipe as the eleventh commandment.

Instead, the origins of the court, lost in the darkness of history. You know that the king create Jaume I in 1238 he ordered the rice fields of the lagoon of the Albufera in front of the gates of Valencia; and that of Ruperto de Nola’s 1520 mentioned in his “Llibre de Coch,” the first, vague Paella recipes; the Valencian fried Rice was served with spectacular success in the Spanish pavilion at the world exhibitions of Paris, London and Philadelphia; king Alfonso XII of pride at state banquets served to his guests; and that they has long been one of the few true world dishes with admirers around the globe.

The preparation is a matter for men

The Original on which the Valencians swear, is an almost ascetic Exercise in humility, the power of the origin of the court as an impromptu day meal during the field work in the Albufera no secret. Nothing other than chicken, rabbit, rice, snails, tomatoes, Paprika, salt, saffron, water and the four beans, Garrofón, Tavella, Ferraura and Rojet may contain. In some regions, the Comunidad Valenciana, artichokes, garlic, duck and rosemary are allowed. The rice should ideally be the variety of Bomba, because it soaks up the broth the best. The wood for the fire – coal is only allowed in existential emergencies – must either come from orange trees or vines. And the preparation of the Paella, not out of Machismo, but out of Tradition, in principle, a matter for men, where you will be just as mandatory lunch and nothing in the evening eaten, because it could cause problems with digestion and sleep.

Over the observance of these rules, the Association wiki paella, fighting like a Don Quixote of the iron pan to areas of all the corruptions of the classic Paella to a halt wakes up in Valencia. He also ensured that a special Paella-Emoji was created, was so shocked at how outraged, as it was a Gamba, next to a chicken leg – never sea may fruit in a real Paella, no fish and no peas, because then it becomes “arroz con cosas”, as the Valencians say, contemptuously, rice with stuff. Needless to say, the Grail Keeper of the Paella did not rest, until the Emoji was changed in their meaning.

E102 is allowed

The Moment of truth for every Paella-cooking comes to a close. Because it is only when the Socarrat, the burnt to the ground, has the right consistency, is managed by the court. You reached this point by pulling the pan in the exact right second from the fire and corrupts every Valencian reliable the mood, if you missed it, the Scrape the Socarrat is an Ordinance in the city on the Levante. Less dogmatic one is the saffron, which must come from the Mancha, because everything else is often counterfeiters goods: if you Wanted to be alone with the precious Crocus the rice threads color shiny gold, los would be a fortune, but it distorted the taste of the Paella. Therefore, the color ante is approved, the food color E102,.

dogmas are in the kitchen only for fools, which is why everyone should be to his or her liking with the Paella happy and we can make it, the recipe price to admit, after our mother cooking the Paella with the family to celebrate. She comes from Barcelona, not Valencia, and consequently, your Sofrito, the base of the rice pan, from small-diced onions, tomatoes, and red peppers, without the heresy suspicious. It comes in the pan, after the salted and peppered chicken thighs in olive oil, seared, and glazed with sweat face. Then we covered the pan with Bomba rice, poured the Chicken stock and after it fills again and again, absolutely hot so that the cooking process is not interrupted. Gradually, peas are given, squid rings, prawns, mussels in the with plenty of saffron and the color ante illuminated pan.