Macron Backs Estonia’s Kallas as Next EU Chief Diplomat

France’s President Emmanuel Macron is throwing his support behind Estonia’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas to succeed Josep Borrell as the European Union’s next high representative for foreign affairs and security policy. The move comes as Borrell is set to step down during the upcoming reshuffle of top EU positions.

Macron’s office has reportedly been considering Kallas for the prestigious role, citing a strong understanding and shared viewpoints between the two leaders. The French president has expressed his approval of Kallas’ proposal to create a defense industry fund, showcasing their alignment on key issues.

While Macron is leaning towards supporting Kallas, her candidacy is not guaranteed. Some EU members have raised concerns about Estonia’s approach towards Russia and fear that Kallas may not prioritize global issues beyond the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

Despite the uncertainties, Kallas has garnered early support from Macron and Estonian sources, with both leaders showing mutual admiration for each other. Kallas’ strong personality and voice within the centrist Renew group have also earned her recognition as a potential candidate for the top EU diplomatic position.

As the race for the next EU chief diplomat heats up, all eyes are on Kallas and other contenders vying for the influential role. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.