Princess Diana Arrested on Sarah Ferguson’s Hen Night: The Untold Story

Princess Diana made headlines once again as reports surfaced of her being ‘arrested’ on Sarah Ferguson’s hen night, just a week before Ferguson’s wedding to Prince Andrew in July 1986. The former Princess of Wales was allegedly caught impersonating a police officer during the wild celebration.

According to Ferguson, during their hen night festivities, they dressed up as policewomen and were apprehended by parks police. In a recent interview on the White Wine Question Time podcast, she revealed that Diana even went as far as eating the parks police officer’s smokey bacon crisps in the back of the van before they were eventually let off the hook.

Despite the unconventional antics, Queen Elizabeth II reportedly found humor in the situation and laughed off the incident when Ferguson was brought before her the next day. The Duchess of York fondly recalled how both she and Diana had to flash their rings as a form of identification, turning the mishap into a cherished memory of their friendship.