The Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) considers a reduction of the Church tax for certain groups. “We discuss whether it is sensible to wait for the group of entrants with the Church tax may still be, or to reduce them”, said the EKD Council chair Heinrich Bedford-Strohm of the newspaper “world”. Also consider, “to be generally more flexible, not to take the Church tax respect to certain life situations, which the Church law so far, the are human but understandable”.

In Germany in the past year, more than half a Million people out of the Church – as many as never before. In the case of the Catholics it was 272.771, in the case of the Protestants 270,000 people.

record revenues, despite loss of Members

However, the two big churches in 2019, a went to so much Church control as never before – a total of around 12.7 billion Euro. The Catholic Church received 6,76 billion and the Protestant 5,95 billion euros. Professionals accounted for the record high, especially the good state of the economy is responsible. For the current year, both churches are expecting a sharp drop due to the Corona-pandemic economic crisis.