Mr Kähler, what went through your head as the images of the Corona-saw Demonstration in Berlin, which has been referred to the Federal President as “unacceptable”?

Niklas Zimmermann


F. A. Z. Twitter

It is, of course, to demonstrate the right of the population to protest against the actions of the Federal government. But the question is, why knowledge about the Virus is not recognised and not credible perceived? If the views of the protesters in the population spread, the for the society, fatal.

Expect you, when around 20,000 people demonstrated in without a mask and spacing, an increase in infections?

There will be a high probability of an Infection increases. You have to assume that in this group of people are some of the Infected, and the virus transferred under rally conditions.

Why is that?

there are a number of reasons. The first one is: The people in this circle have a conversation, usually very loudly, and it is also screaming. When you loud Talk, the Problem is that more aerosols and of droplets, and larger droplets. The other is: If it is very loud, to approach the people and talk face-to-face, can ever hear. The virus load increases sharply. Therefore, the recommendations of the Robert Koch-Institute, to keep a distance, are very useful.

back in June there was, in Germany, large rallies against racism. It came then to an increase in infections?

This is me specifically, is not known. The Problem is that infections on the demonstrations are very difficult to detect. The people who arrive there, are not registered in the rule. This is similar to how the supermarket checkout. You would have to look at the Corona-Warning-App. So you could quantify the infections. But I do not assume that the rally participants from last Saturday to use the App more.

On the big shopping streets, like the Zeil in Frankfurt a lot of people to keep without mouth protection. As well an increased risk of infection, is there not?

Also on the big shopping streets, the risk of infection is very low. That it is infected on the outside, under normal conditions, is relatively unlikely. The people passing by, especially to each other. In addition, the mouth is in the rule.

you Could compare the conditions on demonstrations with the football stadiums, in which shout, tens of thousands also and are very close to?

This is from my point of view absolutely comparable. Therefore, events are great currently, and with good reason banned. One must, however, say that the road to the stadium is the even larger Problem than what is Happening in the stadiums themselves.