Douglas Ross: The Family Man Who Stood Up to the SNP

Douglas Ross did not actively seek out the role of Scottish Tory leader. He was thrust into the position by party leaders looking for a replacement for Jackson Carlaw, who had a brief and unsuccessful tenure after Ruth Davidson’s departure in 2019. Ross was selected for his ability to bridge divides between left and right, as well as Leave and Remain supporters. He was also known for his assertive communication style, which was seen as an asset in the Holyrood chamber.

Despite early criticisms of his demeanor, Ross remained true to himself and did not conform to a fabricated public persona. He is a devoted family man, prioritizing his wife Krystle, a police officer, and their two sons. In addition to his political responsibilities, Ross is deeply rooted in farming and values the land.

Ross’s leadership style is marked by his authenticity and willingness to engage with the media and the public. He has been unafraid to challenge the SNP on various issues, including the Gender Recognition Reform Bill and the power-sharing deal with the Greens. His decision to table a vote of no confidence against Humza Yousaf ultimately led to Yousaf’s resignation.

While Ross has faced criticism for some of his decisions, including his support for certain policies and his handling of candidate replacements, he has also achieved notable successes, such as maintaining the Conservatives’ position as the second-largest party in the Scottish Parliament.

As Ross steps down as Scottish Conservative leader, the party faces a leadership contest to determine his successor. The new leader will inherit a challenging political landscape, with uncertainties in UK politics and a forthcoming Scottish election. Ross leaves behind a legacy of dedication and perseverance, setting the stage for the next chapter in Scottish politics.

Douglas Ross was born in 1983 in Scotland. He studied at the University of Aberdeen before pursuing a career in politics. Ross has served as a Member of Parliament and as the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party. Throughout his career, he has been known for his commitment to his family, his community, and his values.