This week stability arrives on the list. In fiction, Carmen Mola continues to lead other best-selling authors such as Ken Follett and Arturo Pérez-Reverte with El Infierno, an intense thriller set in 19th century Cuba. For her part, Marian Rojas Estapé cedes her throne in non-fiction to God: science, the proofs, a controversial essay in which twenty high-level scientists and specialists discuss the modern proofs of the existence of God. These are the 10 best-selling novels and essays of the week.

1. Hell; Carmen Mola. Planet. €22.90 (Fiction)

2. God: science, evidence; Michel-Yves Bolloré and Olivier Bonnassies. Tightrope walker. €24.90 (Non-fiction)

3. The armor of light; Ken Follett. Square

4. The final problem; Arthur Perez-Reverte. Alfaguara. €21.90 (Fiction)

5. I will not see you die; Antonio Muñoz Molina. Six Barral. €19.90 (Fiction)

6. Find your vitamin person; Marian Rojas Estapé. Espasa. €19.90 (Non-fiction)

7. Mirafiori; Manuel Jabois. Alfaguara. €18.90 (Fiction)

8. Morning and evening; Jon Fosse. Nordic and Of Conatus. 18 € (Fiction)

9. George Steiner, the uncomfortable guest; Nuccio Ordine. Cliff. €12 (Non-fiction)

10. Holly; Stephen King. Plaza

A CORUÑA: Arenas. ALBACETE: Herso. ALMERÍA: Picasso. ÁVILA: Letters. BARCELONA: La Central, Alibri, Laie. BILBAO: Chamber. CÁCERES: TodoLibros. CÓRDOBA: The republic of letters. GIRONA: Geli. GUADALAJARA: Emilio Cobos. LEON: Artemis. LOGROÑO: Santos Ochoa. MADRID: Alberti, Casa del Libro, El Corte Inglés. MURCIA: Alameda. OVIEDO: Cervantes. PALENCIA: Iglesias. PALMA: The library of Babel. PAMPLONA: Abárzuza. SALAMANCA: Corsair Letters. SAN SEBASTIÁN: Lagun. SANTIAGO: Couceiro. SEVILLE: Verb TENERIFE: The lectern TOLEDO: White sheet. VALENCIA: Paris-Valencia. VALLADOLID: Oletvm. ZARAGOZA: Calamo