The Five Top Methods of Adding Sophistication & Luxury into Your Garden’s Aesthetic

Your backyard is (hopefully!) your very own private sanctuary, where you can enjoy the fruits of your labor, relaxing on a sun lounger on your clean and tidy patio and taking in all that nature and the natural world can offer.

For a number of reasons, of course, your backyard may well be looking less than ideal, and if you’re looking for some ways and means of changing that, then continue reading. Here are the top five methods of adding sophistication and luxury into your garden’s aesthetic.

  1. Theme Different Groups of Plants Together

If, up to this point, you’ve been the type of gardener who enjoys injecting colors, shades and tones of flowers and plants in every possible shade, then even though this can create a beautiful and joyful outdoor vista, it can also look slightly haphazard, too.

Instead, create different groups of flowers and plants based on different themes in various areas of your backyard, with a perfect example of this being centering a large and ornate plant pot in one corner of your garden and only planting different flowers of the same shade and color, which will maximize the impact they have.

  1. Invest in Outdoor Art

Even though, in recent years, interior designers are finding that their own predicted trends and styles in home decor and design are being repeated in outdoor spaces, too and now, wall art is a huge and ever-growing business.

Whether you would prefer a small, yet powerful, strategically placed modern statue in the middle of the garden or a slightly more ostentatious water feature in the center of the pond, outdoor art is the clearest sign of a sophisticated and fashion-forward gardener.

  1. Glass Railings Around the Deck

If you’re fortunate enough to have a back garden big enough to comfortably include an ample-sized decking area, then updating the railings is another effective way of injecting a layer of sophistication and luxury to the space.

Should you decide on glass railings for the decking, make sure that you only use expert services for glass railing installation, so that you benefit from a safe, secure, and absolutely beautiful finishing touch to your newly transformed garden.

In addition to glass railings, there are plenty of other ways to elevate your decking, including concealing color-changing LED light strips to the underside of the panels, investing in unique and unusual furniture pieces, and installing an ornate and antique-looking chimenea, if this is appropriate for the materials of the decking).

  1. Save up for a Hot Tub

Even though, if you think about it logically, then nothing says glamour and sophistication when it comes to the average backyard or garden than the presence of a hot tub on the patio or within the decking area.

There are, obviously, a number of things to consider before making the decision to either hire or even buy a hot tub for personal use, including:

  • Deciding upon a budget and sticking to it no matter what.
  • Remembering that hard-shell hot tubs are more expensive than soft-shell types.
  • For 2–4 people, you’re looking for no smaller than a 163cm by 165 cm tub.
  • For 5–6 people, you’re looking for no smaller than a 201cm by 241cm tub.
  • For more than 7 people, you’re looking for no smaller than a 213cm by 213cm tub.
  1. Treat Yourself to Some Feature Containers

Adding a splash of bold and bright color will also add a touch of luxury to the outdoor area, providing that you make sure not to go overboard when it comes to the number of items. There’s no better way to do this than to use feature containers, plant pots and even equipment storage boxes.

A feature window box planter in a matte pastel yellow, for example, showcasing a rare or multi-colored plant that requires extra special care and attention, will make even the most inexperienced gardener look as if they were born to cultivate flowers.

Other feature container ideas include utilizing an old bathtub and reusing it as a planter or acquiring a tree stump to use as additional seating which has been either sourced from your own garden or else from a local garden center or DIY store.