Why Framework Laptops Continue to Improve: Embracing Community Feedback

Framework is constantly enhancing its laptops, with the recent introduction of the Framework 13 featuring a Core Ultra 7 laptop and mainboard. While this upgrade signifies the fourth generation of Intel-based Framework mainboard, the real game-changer lies in the attention the company pays to its community.

One of the key pieces of feedback from the community has been the demand for a high-resolution display. Marissa Buyck from Framework acknowledges this need and emphasizes the importance of incorporating user feedback into their product development process. The new 500 nits panel offers improved response time and refresh rates, addressing concerns raised by users.

In addition to display improvements, Framework has also focused on enhancing cooling systems to ensure better performance and quieter operation. By working closely with Intel and their own software and firmware team, Framework has optimized fan curves and battery performance to meet user expectations.

The company’s commitment to listening to user feedback extends to features like user-adjustable fan curves, which are being considered for future models. By incorporating customer input and continuously striving for performance enhancements, Framework is able to deliver a superior user experience.

Despite the growing trend towards AI technology in the PC market, Framework remains dedicated to supporting its existing products and exploring new partnerships. While details about future product releases remain confidential, the company’s focus on customer support and product improvement remains unwavering.

As Framework continues to evolve and innovate, users can look forward to upgrades, repair paths, and potential new partnerships. The company’s dedication to enhancing user experience and addressing community feedback ensures that Framework laptops will continue to set new standards in the industry.


**Marissa Buyck**

Marissa Buyck is a key figure at Framework, where she plays a vital role in product development and community engagement. With a focus on incorporating user feedback into the company’s product roadmap, Buyck has helped drive innovation and customer satisfaction at Framework. Her commitment to enhancing user experience and addressing customer needs has been instrumental in the company’s success.