Hong Kong’s chief Secretary Carrie Lam has the actually for the 6. September’s planned elections to the city Parliament delayed by a year. As a reason you called on Friday, the Coronavirus pandemic. It was their most difficult decision, but it is a matter of the health of the people, said Lam. It is the first election since the adoption of the controversial security would have been law by China.

The postponement is a setback for the democracy movement in Hong Kong. The Opposition had hoped for a majority of the votes, in order to demonstrate the resistance of the citizens against the security law. Many Western countries criticize the law and throw China, so that the undermine citizens ‘ rights in the special management zone.

Already on Thursday, Hong Kong’s authorities had ruled out the twelve opposition candidates from the election, including the democracy activist Joshua Wong. Advocating for self-determination and for a foreign Intervention, as well as the rejection of the new Chinese security law for Hong Kong are no appropriate behavior to the Constitution to maintain the government for the justification and threatened with the exclusion of other candidates.

The safety act is the most radical intervention in the autonomy of the former British crown colony, which it was said at the Handover to China in 1997, according to the principle of “One country, two systems” for at least 50 years. It provides life imprisonment as the maximum penalty for numerous Offences, the China authorities as Subversion, secession and terrorism. In the past year, rallies of the democracy movement and partly violent protests against the government and China’s influence in Hong Kong had put months and months of lame.