Investigative Documentary ‘Antidote’ Reveals High-Stakes World of Russian Politics and Journalism

From its gripping opening moments to its emotional core, “Antidote” is a documentary that delves into the dangerous world of investigative journalism in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Directed by James Jones, the film follows Bulgarian journalist Christo Grozev as he uncovers an assassination plot against himself, a whistleblower scientist, and Russian opposition leader Vladimir Kara-Murza.

Grozev’s relentless pursuit of the truth takes him across Europe and North America, where he navigates a web of deceit and danger to shed light on Putin’s regime. The documentary also highlights the personal sacrifices made by Grozev and his colleagues, showcasing the impact of their work on their families and loved ones.

With a mix of interviews, real-time footage, and animations, “Antidote” is a thrilling and emotional journey that underscores the importance of investigative journalism in holding those in power accountable. As the journalists uncover a conspiracy that puts their lives at risk, the film becomes a powerful call to action for truth-seekers everywhere.