Beats Solo 4: The Latest Upgrade in Apple Headphones with Android Integration

The Beats Solo 4 headphones are the newest version of the popular Beats headphones, offering longer battery life, improved sound quality, and enhanced features for both Apple and Android users. Originally launched as the Solo HD in 2009 and updated to the Solo 3 in 2016 after Apple’s acquisition of Beats, the Solo 4 headphones are now in their fourth generation.

Priced at £200 (€230/$200/A$330), the Solo 4 headphones are the smallest and lightest in the Beats lineup, positioned below the £350 Studio Pro. While the design remains largely unchanged, the headphones feature premium materials and color options. They are on-ear headphones, sitting on top of the ears rather than around them, with a slight reduction in clamping force and soft ear cushions for improved comfort.

The headphones come with a compact case and fold up for easy travel. The controls, including the ‘b’ logo and volume buttons, are user-friendly and offer a satisfying click when pressed. The left ear cup features playback controls and a volume rocker, while the right cup houses the power button and a USB-C charging port. The headphones boast up to 50 hours of Bluetooth playback and can also be used with a 3.5mm analog cable.

With Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, the headphones offer cross-compatibility with both Apple and Android devices. They integrate seamlessly with Apple products, allowing for hands-free Siri, audio sharing, and personalized spatial audio. For Android users, features such as instant pairing, syncing, and access to controls are available through the Beats Android app.

In terms of sound quality, the Solo 4 headphones deliver a clean and clear audio experience with good tonal separation. While they emphasize treble and offer a flatter bass response compared to previous models, they may not satisfy users looking for heavy bass. The headphones lack noise cancellation but excel in call quality, providing clear and natural-sounding audio.

Apple offers battery replacement services for the headphones, which are made from recycled plastic. Priced at £199.95 (€229.95/$199.99/A$329.95), the Beats Solo 4 headphones are a solid update with enhanced features for both Apple and Android users, offering good sound quality, cross-platform compatibility, and sustainable materials.