New Inter-Island Aircraft Bolsters CEB’s Fleet

CEB, a leading airline in the Philippines, recently welcomed its newest addition to its fleet – an ATR 72-600 aircraft. This marks the sixth aircraft delivery for the year, further enhancing the airline’s inter-island connectivity.

The new ATR 72-600 aircraft, which arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila on June 5th, is a strategic investment to better serve passengers traveling between inter-island destinations. With this latest addition, CEB now boasts a fleet of 15 advanced turboprop aircraft, with plans to receive a sixteenth ATR turboprop in October.

CEB’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Szucs, highlighted the significance of this new aircraft delivery, stating that it will enable the airline to operate the largest turboprop fleet in the Philippines. This expansion will allow CEB to cater to a growing number of passengers across the country, particularly in areas that can only be accessed by smaller aircraft and turboprops.

The ATR 72-600, known for its cutting-edge technology and versatility, is capable of navigating various types of runways and terrains. With a maximum range of 1,300 kilometers and seating capacity for approximately 78 passengers, this aircraft is ideal for regional operations.

In addition to the ATR aircraft, CEB operates a diverse commercial fleet that includes Airbus 330s, Airbus 320s, and Airbus 321s. The airline serves a total of 35 domestic and 25 international destinations, offering connectivity across Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.