Scotland Offers Kenya £250,000 in Emergency Aid for Flood Victims

The Scottish government has announced a generous donation of Ksh41.7 million (£250,000) to assist flood-affected Kenyans. This emergency humanitarian aid is aimed at providing essential support to those in informal settlements who have been adversely impacted by the floods.

Angus Robertson, the External Affairs Secretary, revealed that half of the funding will be allocated to Oxfam and Islamic Relief. The contribution from the Humanitarian Emergency Fund showcases Scotland’s commitment to extending a helping hand to those in need during times of crisis.

Oxfam will focus on supporting 1,445 households in Nairobi County by ensuring access to safe water and protection from Gender Based Violence (GBV). Islamic Relief, on the other hand, will aid 1,200 flood-affected households in Garissa County through awareness-raising programs on GBV.

Robertson emphasized that the donation will address critical needs of the flood victims across the country. The announcement was met with appreciation from the recipient organizations, acknowledging the positive impact it will have on the affected communities.

Mat Cousins, Oxfam’s Kenya Humanitarian Lead, expressed gratitude for the lifeline provided to families in Nairobi’s informal settlements. The funding will not only cater to immediate needs like clean water and shelter but will also offer vital support to women and girls facing increased risks of gender-based violence.

Nadeem Baqir, Islamic Relief’s Regional Community Fundraising Manager, highlighted the importance of the aid in helping the affected individuals rebuild their lives and livelihoods. He stressed that vulnerable communities are often the most severely affected by climate-related disasters.

In addition to Scotland’s contribution, Kenya has received support from various other countries, including India, to assist those impacted by the heavy rainfall. The solidarity shown by the international community reflects a collective effort to alleviate the suffering of those affected by natural disasters.