F1 Team-Mates Qualifying Battles: Canadian GP Results Revealed!

After every F1 qualifying session, Motorsport.com publishes each team’s qualifying record in terms of team-mate duels. This record is based exclusively on qualifying results so that grid penalties don’t alter the statistics. When a driver can’t put in a representative lap time due to a technical issue or an incident, this will be mentioned in the table.

In the recent Canadian Grand Prix, the qualifying battles between F1 team-mates showcased some intense competition. Let’s take a closer look at the results:

Red Bull:
– Max Verstappen: 11-0 against Sergio Perez
– Sergio Perez clinched the pole position in Bahrain

– Lewis Hamilton: 2-9 against George Russell
– George Russell outperformed Hamilton in the Canadian GP

– Charles Leclerc: 7-3 against Carlos Sainz
– Carlos Sainz showed strong performance in the qualifying rounds

– Lando Norris: 7-4 against Oscar Piastri
– Oscar Piastri displayed consistent performance throughout the season

Aston Martin:
– Fernando Alonso: 6-5 against Lance Stroll
– Lance Stroll showcased impressive speed in qualifying sessions

– Pierre Gasly: 4-7 against Esteban Ocon
– Esteban Ocon struggled in the Canadian GP qualifying

– Alexander Albon: 9-1 against Logan Sargeant
– Alexander Albon dominated the qualifying battles

– Yuki Tsunoda: 7-4 against Daniel Ricciardo
– Daniel Ricciardo showed improvement in the recent qualifying sessions

– Valtteri Bottas: 10-1 against Zhou Guanyu
– Valtteri Bottas displayed strong qualifying performance

– Nico Hulkenberg: 7-4 against Kevin Magnussen
– Nico Hulkenberg showcased consistent performance

These results highlight the competitive spirit among the F1 team-mates and the determination to secure the best grid positions. Stay tuned for more updates from the world of Formula 1.