Renaissance MP Marc Ferracci will not vote for the bill on immigration if it does not include a section on the regularization of undocumented immigrants working in professions in shortage, but said he was open to its adjustment with the ‘AFP Monday.

“If the residence permit for professions in tension disappears from the text, I will not vote for the text. If the residence permit for professions in tension is emptied of its substance I will not vote for the text,” declared Monday this deputy close to President Emmanuel Macron and historical walker, regarding article 3 of the text, on which the political battle rages even within the majority.

Mr. Ferracci, on the other hand, says he is open to an adjustment of this article, such as Matignon would envisage it according to L’Express, to succeed in reconciling the points of view of the right, which vetoed it, and the left of the majority which makes its maintenance a red line.

According to the weekly, Matignon’s path to granting the opposites would consist of enshrining in the law the fact that it is up to the employee alone to apply for a residence permit.

The Valls circular of November 2012 allowing regularizations in professions in tension now provides that this is a joint request from the employer and the employee. However, it appears that employers tend to have little support for these requests.

The prerequisites for such a request would then be defined by regulation.

“I think this is an avenue that is being studied,” said Mr. Ferracci.

The MP could vote for the bill if he “supports the principle of employee initiative”, and if the government undertakes to maintain in a future decree the conditions currently included in the bill – three years of presence and eight months of work over the last two years.

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