nationwide, more than 400 Fine, according to a report in the “Welt am Sonntag” since 2018 definitions of administrative, criminal or disciplinary proceedings for unauthorized data, officials of the queries initiated by the police. This was a survey among the ministries of the interior and privacy of the sixteen länder and the Federal government officers from Saxony-Anhalt have been referred to no Figures.

Depending on the state of the control mechanisms, as well as the prosecution’s powers differ accordingly. Officials in Baden-should-Württemberg-in-50. Query to justify calls for Hessen, just in the 200. Query – and only since 2019. In Federal States such as Saxony, Hamburg or Baden-Württemberg ahndeten data protection authorities have committed administrative offences, in other countries, the authority lacked appropriate powers.

the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, is considering a tightening of the protection measures. He will check whether the access could be limited by the query biometric features, said Seehofer in Berlin. “Data access is a very sensitive matter and should be protected with the highest Standards.” Opposition politicians had demanded previously.

Numerous threats

In the past few weeks, it became known that several persons of the public life – especially women – Drohschreiben with the received signature “NSU 2.0”.

Hesse interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU), spoke on Tuesday of 69 such a Letter. The non-public data of three victims had been interrogated for a short time in advance of the Hessian police computers. It is suspected that in these three cases, information from the Hessian police systems in Drohschreiben use have found nourish. So far, a temporal but no causal relationship could be proven.