Pakistan Ambassador Emphasizes on Peaceful Neighbourhood for India

Pakistani Ambassador to the United States, Masood Khan, highlighted the importance of India prioritizing a peaceful neighbourhood for its progress during a recent podcast interview. Khan emphasized the need for economic connectivity and reducing poverty to zero as key factors for regional stability.

During the interview with Tim Horgan of World Affairs Council of New Hampshire, Khan urged India to focus on establishing good relations with its neighbouring countries. He stressed that a peaceful neighbourhood should be India’s top priority for fostering mutual respect and cooperation.

Khan also called for the US to maintain a strategic balance in its relationships with South Asian nations. He pointed out the importance of restoring equilibrium in US-India relations to ensure peace and security in the region. Khan highlighted the need for a collaborative approach among leading nations to address global challenges, particularly in eliminating poverty and establishing a responsible international financial system.

The Pakistani Ambassador underlined the significance of a shared goal for Pakistan, the United States, and other nations to promote peace and security in the region. He emphasized the importance of eradicating poverty and creating a resilient economy through sustainable financial practices.

In conclusion, Khan’s remarks shed light on the critical need for India to prioritize peaceful relations with its neighbours, while also emphasizing the importance of global cooperation in addressing key issues such as poverty eradication and financial sustainability.