Meet the contenders vying for North Cornwall’s next MP seat

Since 2015, Scott Mann has held the position of Conservative MP for North Cornwall. However, the upcoming election on July 4 may see a change in leadership. Recent polls suggest a tight race between Mann and Liberal Democrat candidate Ben Maguire, with Maguire slightly in the lead. Despite poll predictions, many voters in Cornwall remain undecided, making the outcome uncertain.

Each candidate running in the constituency, which includes areas like Padstow, Wadebridge, and Bodmin, has shared their vision for representing the diverse needs of North Cornwall. Scott Mann, the Conservative candidate, highlights his track record of delivering for the community, including affordable housing, economic support, and healthcare initiatives. He emphasizes the importance of keeping promises and staying true to his constituents.

Robyn Harris, the Labour candidate, focuses on issues like housing affordability, healthcare access, and support for key workers in rural areas. With a background in nursing and local governance, Harris aims to advocate for those facing economic challenges and social disparities in North Cornwall.

Ben Maguire, representing the Liberal Democrats, promises to address the housing crisis, sewage pollution, NHS challenges, and support for farming and fishing industries. Born and raised in Cornwall, Maguire is determined to fight for change and ensure a better future for the region.

Rowland O’Connor, from the Reform UK party, criticizes the lack of leadership during the Covid pandemic and advocates for individual freedoms and accountability in government. O’Connor’s priorities include border protection, cost of living reduction, and support for local farmers.

Lance Symonds, the Green Party candidate, emphasizes the need for regulation to address housing issues, healthcare privatization, and climate change. Symonds aims to lead the way in renewable energy adoption and corporate accountability to protect Cornwall’s environment and future.

Sarah Farrell, representing the Heritage Party, focuses on social conservatism, heritage preservation, and economic prosperity for Cornish residents. Farrell aims to eliminate subsidies that hinder farming practices and prioritize national sovereignty and traditional values.

As the election date approaches, North Cornwall residents will have the opportunity to choose the candidate they believe will best represent their interests and lead the constituency towards a brighter future.