The Spanish head of government was apparently also supposed to be the victim of a letter bomb, without success. According to security forces, she is discovered and rendered harmless. It is similar to the one that detonated at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid on Wednesday. But military targets also receive suspicious mail.

After a letter bomb exploded in the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid, the Spanish authorities announced that a similar explosive device had been sent to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez about a week ago. The envelope containing “pyrotechnic material” addressed to the head of government was “discovered and neutralized by the security services,” the interior ministry said in Madrid. The program was similar in appearance and content to the letter bomb in the Ukrainian embassy.

A letter bomb exploded in the embassy on Wednesday, slightly injuring a member of the security service. The letter was addressed to the Ambassador and was delivered by the postman in a plain envelope. The Spanish judiciary initiated investigations into suspected “terrorism”.

After the explosion, a “suspicious” letter was also discovered on Wednesday at the Instalaza armaments company in Zaragoza in northeastern Spain. According to the Ministry of the Interior, special police units detonated the program. The company mainly produces grenade launchers, which the Spanish government has also supplied to Ukraine.

Another “suspicious” letter was intercepted at a large Spanish military base near Madrid on Thursday, the interior ministry said. During the night, the security systems at the Torrejón de Ardoz base sounded the alarm. They discovered a “suspicious envelope” that could contain a mechanism. The addressee was the satellite center. The military base is often used for official flights by members of the government.

Spain has supported Ukraine since the beginning of Russia’s war of aggression, particularly militarily. In addition, given the Russian attacks on the energy infrastructure, Spain recently also delivered power generators to the Ukraine.