“It was a mistake and I regret it. » Guest of Franceinfo, Thursday April 4, the president of the commission of inquiry on TNT, Quentin Bataillon, was questioned about his appearance on the show “Touche pas à mon poste” (“TPMP”) on C8 and on his comments against the host Yann Barthès.

“I made an auditionee criticism [on Yann Barthès]. It was not my role to do it there, it was a mistake and I regret it,” said MP Renaissance.

Tuesday, on Cyril Hanouna’s set, Mr. Bataillon had scratched Mr. Barthès, who, like the host of “TPMP”, was heard by the commission at the end of March: “I think this is the first “When I got angry, he had a pretty arrogant attitude from the start, he refused to answer our questions,” he described about the presenter of the show “Quotidien”.

“I can’t refuse some trays.”

Regarding his appearance in “TPMP”, the MP “assumes”, on the other hand, his arrival. “I imposed a period of reserve on myself, but nothing obliged me (…) Do I really have lessons in impartiality to receive from the rapporteur [LFI deputy Aurélien Saintoul]? (…) I am anti-person and for no one, I cannot refuse certain sets,” he said, adding that if Yann Barthès invites him to “Quotidien”, he will go “with great pleasure”.

The day before, the TF1 group, owner of TMC, said it was “surprised both in form and substance by the statements” of Mr. Bataillon, even though the commission’s report “has not yet been delivered” .

“If I’m arrogant, you tell me,” Yann Barthès said when he opened his show on Wednesday evening. Relying on an old tweet from Quentin Bataillon, who castigated “the imposture of “TPMP” combining demagoguery and false information”, he also joked about the “constancy” or even “independence” of the deputy to whom Cyril Hanouna offered a t-shirt the day before.

He also wanted to tell him “that he screwed up a commission which could have brought something to the democratic debate, that he fueled the hatred machine and for an elected official of the nation, that is very severe “.

While several deputies requested his resignation from the presidency of the commission and the President of the National Assembly called on him to “restraint”, Mr. Bataillon ruled out leaving his position on Thursday.