Scottish Greens Call for End to Hostile Environment Policies Against Refugees

11 Jun 2024

Human Rights

The Scottish Greens are urging the next government to put an end to the hostile environment policies that have targeted refugees and asylum seekers. Party Co-leader, Patrick Harvie, has criticized the anti-refugee Tory policies that have caused suffering and led to the detention of thousands in harsh conditions.

The party is calling for the immediate repeal of laws such as the Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Act 2024, the Illegal Migration Act, and the Nationality and Borders Act 2022. They are advocating for a more inclusive and compassionate system that respects the right to claim asylum under international law.

Mr. Harvie has condemned the use of detention centers and institutional accommodation like barracks, hotels, and barges, calling for community-based alternatives instead. He emphasized the importance of providing safe and dignified housing for all individuals seeking asylum.

The Scottish Greens’ manifesto outlines a comprehensive plan to overhaul refugee and asylum policy, focusing on fairness, humanity, and adherence to international law. They are committed to working with global partners to create safe routes for refugees to seek protection, including coming to the UK.

By taking a stand against the politics of hate and advocating for a more humane approach to asylum, the Scottish Greens are challenging the current system and pushing for a more compassionate future for refugees in the UK.