“It’s as if we were speaking in front of a wall,” declared the leader of the deputies of La France insoumise Mathilde Panot, after a meeting on Friday with Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.

“Madam Prime Minister, everything is fine, Madam Marquise. (…) We have no agreement on anything,” added the MP after the interview, which lasted nearly an hour and a half. “We are quite distraught given the responses she gave us.”

“We calculated between twelve and fifteen 49.3s (which allows the adoption of a text without a vote, editor’s note) which will be used by December and then she tells us about our anti-parliamentarism”, while “we say that it is the Prime Minister and this government who do not respect Parliament,” lamented the rebel.

LFI coordinator Manuel Bompard reported a “feeling of total disconnection from a Prime Minister who is totally off the mark” and “incapable of understanding the situation of suffering, of social mistreatment which is hitting the country”.

“We came without illusions. And we come out with a conviction, that there is nothing to expect from this power. And that now the subject is mobilization in the streets,” he said. he added, in reference to the day of demonstration on September 23, to the call of around a hundred organizations.

But he disagreed with communist Fabien Roussel’s call to “invade” the prefectures in the face of rising prices, “divisive personal initiatives which are based on a clearly violent form of organization”, preferring ” collective and organized forms of mobilization.

On the subject of immigration, Manuel Bompard “invited the right and the extreme right” who want to “introduce France’s Christian roots into the Constitution, to listen to the message of the Pope” who is coming to Marseille next week: ” Yes, when a person is in difficulty, our duty is to reach out to them. Let everyone meditate on these quotes.”

The head of government receives political parties and parliamentary groups in turn on back-to-school issues. It started Tuesday with the Liot group, then Thursday with the PS, LR and EELV.

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