Professor John Forge, a distinguished philosophy professor, was found dead at the bottom of a canyon with a shocking revelation about his private life. Despite his outward appearance of piety, Dr. Forge was involved in a world of debauchery, including hiring sex workers under strict contracts and indulging in drugs. The professor, who faced allegations of sexual assault, passed away shortly after being informed by the police.

Skylar Silverstein, a former sex worker employed by Dr. Forge, revealed details of their arrangement, including a monthly allowance of $20,000 and exotic holidays. She described Forge as charming but possessing a wild side with unusual fetishes. Videos emerged showing him engaging in drug use, further highlighting his hidden lifestyle.

Following Forge’s death, his alleged victim’s mother shared details of the grooming and abuse her daughter experienced at the hands of the professor. The victim’s mother expressed a mix of relief and frustration at the lack of closure due to Forge’s passing. It was revealed that Forge had a prestigious educational background and was recognized for his work on the moral responsibilities of scientists.

The University of Sydney, where Forge was an honorary professor, expressed concern over the allegations and emphasized a zero-tolerance policy towards misconduct. The circumstances surrounding Forge’s death remain under investigation, with a report to be prepared for the Coroner.

The case of Professor John Forge sheds light on the complexities of human behavior and the potential for hidden lives behind public personas. It serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing abusive behavior and maintaining a safe environment for all individuals. The tragic end to Forge’s story leaves questions unanswered and highlights the impact of his actions on those around him.