The venerable House of Lords could be history in a few years if the opposition Labor Party wins the elections. Plans include replacing the UK House of Lords with an elected chamber. What is envisaged is “the greatest handover of power ever” from Parliament to the people.

The opposition Labor Party in Great Britain wants to initiate a constitutional reform and abolish the venerable British House of Lords in the event of an election victory in 2025. “I think the House of Lords is untenable,” Labor leader Keir Starmer told the BBC. The Labor plans are to “abolish the House of Lords and replace it with an elected House of Parliament that has a really strong mandate”.

The concept of constitutional reform was drafted by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. At the heart of the 40-point plan is the abolition of the British House of Lords in its current form. The House of Lords, one of the two chambers of Parliament in London, is made up of political elected officials, hereditary nobles and bishops of the Church of England.

Brown now proposed a new composition of the Chamber. It should therefore consist of members from the regions and countries of the United Kingdom and be a “smaller, more representative and more democratic” chamber. Brown’s recommendations also envisage greater decentralization, which aims to strengthen the UK’s regions and countries.

At an event in Leeds, northern England, where Starmer unveiled the concept, he promised “the greatest handover of power ever” from parliament to the people. The Labor leader argued above all with Brexit and its consequences: Many voters decided to leave the EU in 2016 because they felt they had no democratic control.

Poor economic growth over the past 12 years under the Conservative government, Starmer attributed in part to Britain as a whole being unable to spur growth and over-relying on London and south-east England. Starmer said he was keen to get the reforms through within the first five years of a Labor government.

The draft is initially based on recommendations. The party now wants to discuss details and deal with further proposed changes before including the concept in its election program for 2025. Labor has a good chance of winning the general election in January 2025. In opinion polls, the opposition party is currently well ahead of the ruling Conservatives.