The Taliban’s 1,000 Days Ban: Afghan Girls Defy Restrictions to Pursue Education

June 7, 2024 / 1:32 PM EDT / CBS News

Kabul school for girls defies Taliban ban

June 8 marks 1,000 days since the Taliban banned girls over the age of 12 from all schools in Afghanistan. The ban, issued just days after the group retook control over Afghanistan in 2021, has left hundreds of thousands of girls with little hope of a formal education. Human Rights Watch said in a statement marking the 1,000 days that Afghan society “will never fully recover” from the loss of so many future female professionals, especially in a country that was already struggling with low youth literacy rates.

Despite the risks, many Afghan girls have refused to give up hope and have turned to unofficial schools hidden away from the eyes of the Taliban to continue getting an education. These clandestine schools, supported by organizations like the Pohana Fund, operate with limited resources but provide a crucial lifeline for these young women.

Sherin, a courageous teacher in Helmand province, continues to educate her students despite the dangers posed by the Taliban. Her students, like Najiba, are determined to defy the restrictions and pursue their dreams of becoming professionals in various fields.

While the Taliban’s enforcement of the ban on girls’ education remains inconsistent across different provinces, the resilience of these young women shines through as they navigate through the challenges to access education. Despite the many obstacles they face, these girls remain steadfast in their pursuit of knowledge and empowerment.

As the world watches the plight of Afghan girls and women, the bravery and determination displayed by these young students serve as a poignant reminder of the power of education in transforming lives and shaping a brighter future.