Jon Stewart, the former “Daily Show” host, visited the “Late Show With Stephen Colbert” to share his thoughts on President Donald Trump’s war on the press. This is the second time since Trump took office that Stewart has dropped into Colbert’s show, and this time, Stewart popped up from underneath Colbert’s desk to give a direct message to the media against Trump’s apparent break-up with it.

During his January appearance, Stewart had donned a wig and an over-long red tie, mimicking Trump and joking about his wardrobe.

And before that, in July 2016, Stewart made a surprise appearance on Colbert’s show and commented on Trump. Stewart said that time: “The Republicans appear to have a very clear plan for America. One, jail your political opponent. Two, inject Rudy Giuliani with a speedball-and-Red Bull enema, and, three, spend the rest of the time scaring the holy bejesus out of everybody.”

On Monday’s show, Stewart told the audience: “I’ve spent the whole day yelling about trump to the animals!” Stewart’s comic remarks on Trump and his acrimonious relationship with media at the late night show, comes after a week in which the White House blocked reporters from CNN, the New York Times and other mainstream outlets from attending a press conference. Trump himself as repeatedly said the media is dishonest and an “enemy of the American people.” 

“I can’t believe the guy’s got the balls to get away with that,” Stewart told Colbert. “Trump lies more in one press conference than CNN does in a year, and this is coming from a guy who hates CNN.”

Stewart had a simple message for the media: “Finally thought you had met your match… Kick him to the curb. It is time to get your groove back, media.” He also asked the members of press who have been calling Trump’s attacks “un-American” to stop their whining.

Stewart told the media: “I heard Donald Trump broke up with you. Stings a little, doesn’t it? You finally thought you’d met your match: a blabbermouth who’s as thin-skinned and narcissistic as you are. Well, now it’s over! Well, good riddance, I say. Kick. Him. To. The. Curb.”

“Look, media, I’m not saying the breakup is going to be easy,” Stewart continued. “You’re going to see your ex swiping far-right with every Tom, Drudge, and Breitbart. And, from what I heard, they do anal.”

Stewart asked the media to stop complaining about Trump’s breakup decision and instead improve upon its weak areas. “But here’s my point, media,” he added. “This breakup has given you an amazing opportunity for self-reflection and improvement. Instead of worrying about whether Trump is un-American or if he thinks you’re the enemy or if he’s being mean to you or if he’s going to let you back in the briefings, do something for yourself. Take up a hobby. I recommend journalism.”

On being asked by Colbert whether this breakup would actually make the media self-examine and get better at their jobs, Stewart replied: “I really do. Believe me.”

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