Angry Pepe Fork and Wormhole Tokens Experience Price Surge with New Staking Features

Amid the growing adoption of cryptocurrency across the globe, various crypto platforms are also developing their ecosystems through the incorporation of new features and partnerships to boost the adoption of the ecosystems. A few days ago, Wormhole (W) unveiled a new staking feature that triggered a rally for the token. Meanwhile, the Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) ongoing presale is also attracting investors with its unique staking feature, which will see token holders earn more tokens through the staking portal. As such, analysts tip it as one of the best meme coins to buy.

Angry Pepe Fork is a new revolutionary meme coin with the slogan of Conquer to Earn. The platform’s unique conquer-to-earn model is taking the market by storm. Having been tired of the numerous zombie meme coins in the market, Angry Pepe Fork is on a quest to conquer these meme coins. Angry Pepe Fork is not just an ordinary Solana-based meme coin, it is for rebels who are tired of the zombie meme coins that are causing havoc in the blockchain. Unlike other meme coins with zero utility, Angry Pepe Fork is an opportunity for the APORK army to earn through the Conquer to Earn feature. This will be made possible through the staking dApp. With the Angry Pepe Fork staking dApp, the APORK army can earn massive income, with the APY increasing as more zombie meme coins are conquered. In essence, as the APORK army joins in conquering these zombie meme coins causing havoc in the blockchain, the APY in the staking pool surges, making it one of the top meme coins to buy now. Meanwhile, the Angry Pepe Fork is in stage 1 of the presale, with the token sold for $0.014. If you missed the last Pepe Coin market rally, APORK is not a coin you can afford to miss. Unlike other meme tokens, APORK has a strictly limited supply of 1.9B tokens. Some analysts believe that the unique staking option will keep attracting users. As such, they pick APORK as one of the best meme coins to buy now.

While top meme coins are dominating the crypto market, altcoins like Wormhole are making headways. In the past few days, Wormhole has unveiled a new “Stake for Governance” feature, which led to massive rallies for the token. The new staking feature will allow holders to stake their tokens to participate in governance decisions. According to the co-founder of Wormhole Foundation, Dan Reecer on X, the launching marks the first step in the W staking road map, introducing the industry’s first multichain governance system, MultiGov. The Wormhole price reacted positively to the news, with the token price increasing by 17% in the past week. At the same time, the Wormhole trading volume has surged as more investors join the project. With more features and partnerships on the way, Wormhole’s price will likely retest the $1 mark in the coming weeks.