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Climate change is not a distant projection, it is already a reality. Scientists estimate that more than 3 billion people live in areas directly threatened by the effects of warming. Here are three episodes that allow us to reflect on the challenges of adapting to a world that is changing (too) quickly. See you soon !

1. How can our territories adapt?

In this episode, we discuss the best way to proceed when living in an area that we know will no longer be habitable in ten years. How can we make our cities habitable despite heatwaves? What will become of the valleys that live from skiing, the coastlines that live from tourism? With the geographer Magali Reghezza-Zitt, who has been focusing on crisis management in the face of natural disasters for a long time. At the time of the recording of this podcast, she was a member of the High Council for the Climate.

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2. How to fight drought

Here, we are talking about the future impacts of repeated droughts. What solutions are we testing today? How can we deal with it in the longer term? with Florence Habets is a hydroclimatologist, research director at the CNRS and specialist in water resources in France.

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3. Is France ready to face global warming?

This episode – recorded in public at the premises of Le Monde – looks at what France must do to organize itself in the face of the impacts of climate change. Should we start by recruiting firefighters or buying air conditioners? How can we make our cities habitable despite heat waves? How can we plan for this major and certain transformation? With (again) geographer Magali Reghezza and Paris advisor Alexandre Florentin, who chaired the Paris at 50 degrees mission.

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As a bonus: with my colleagues from Le Monde, we have devoted 11 major surveys to France’s adaptation to climate change in the summer of 2023. You can find, for example, the chapter on heat in the city here.

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