The world elite has already planned its next pandemic, some Internet users believe. Since January 15, the opening date of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the annual meeting of the world’s economic and political elites and a moment of complosphere fantasies, the prospect of a new virus the planned broadcast shakes up social networks. Florian Philippot, former executive of the National Rally, devoted several videos to it, calling this “disease X” the “star guest” of Davos.

At the origin of these rumors, the holding in Davos of a conference devoted to “disease X”, a pathology that the WHO included in 2018 in the list of its health priorities. But in reality, it doesn’t exist; This is a working hypothesis. The UN agency describes it as “an unknown pathogen likely to be the cause of a serious international epidemic”, through a zoonosis or a bioterrorist attack. Disease X, in short, represents the threat of a new pathogen, by definition impossible to predict. The emergence of Covid-19 is considered the first concrete example.

Interest in conspiracy circles was revived by the 45-minute public round table on the theme “preparing for disease X”, co-organized on January 17 in Davos by the World Health Organization, in the presence of its director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Brazilian Minister of Health, Nisia Trindade Lima, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of AstraZeneca, Michel Demaré.

The fantasy of the WHO’s liberticidal projects

During this discussion, “Doctor Tedros” notably raised the hypothesis of a virus “twenty times more deadly” than SARS-CoV-2, for which no vaccine exists. In subtext, a pressing call for the different countries to reach an agreement around an international cooperation program by spring, in order to optimize the reaction and coordination of the different countries in the event of a new pandemic , a regular subject of frustration and discord since the SARS epidemic in 2003-2004.

But with a conspiratorial reading grid, these figures were perceived as a threat to the populations. “Just in time for the [American elections, in November 2024], a new infection allows them to put in place a new WHO treaty, to lock down again, to restrict freedom of speech and to destroy more freedoms,” he said. is carried away over X Monica Crowley, former member of the Trump administration.

The WHO is “a supranational order and therefore binding, it imposes itself on us”, Florian Philippot believes, while citing “digital tools like the past” or “vaccination policy” – a false assertion, since health is a matter , in international law, of the sovereignty of States. For other Internet users, this “disease X” is the guarantee of new vaccines “against a virus that does not yet exist. »

The specter of a 100% deadly mutant coronavirus

These allegations about a deadly virus resonate with a Chinese scientific article which caused a stir at the start of the year. Published on January 4 on a pre-publication platform, BiorXiv, it describes a pangolin coronavirus known since 2017 and close to SARS-CoV-2, GX_P2V which, once isolated, caused the death of the four “humanized” mice. (with human genes), into whom it was inoculated.

Difficult to draw conclusions: the humanized mouse model used is more vulnerable than average. With other transgenic rodents, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, on the contrary, came to the conclusion in 2023 that an analogous pangolin virus caused weak reactions. But this nuance has gone unnoticed in the complosphere: since then, said pangolin virus has been presented in a false and anxiety-provoking manner as “a mutant strain of coronavirus that attacks the BRAIN and has a 100% mortality rate”

This is also suspected of being the famous “disease X” at the origin of the pandemic that the WHO is planning. The two do not, however, have a direct link, except that through two different routes, they attempt to prepare for the risks of new emerging diseases – a leitmotif of virology as well as health policies since the SARS episode, and the importance of which was confirmed by MERS in 2012, then Covid-19 in 2020.

Logical inversion

“Disease X” had already been the subject of conspiratorial interpretations. 20 Minutes mentioned in June 2023 a viral TikTok video alarming about a disease “invented by the WHO”, “organized with biolabs”, “planned”, and which would pave the way for a “ global health dictatorship.”

This is not the first time that work related to pandemic preparedness has given rise to paranoid reinterpretation. Thanks to a reversal of cause and consequence, several conferences aimed at warning about the risks of a pandemic, such as the Event 201 meeting in 2019 or Bill Gates’ presentation at TED in 2015, had already been interpreted as preparations for the supposed voluntary deployment of SARS-CoV-2. They are all based on a curious postulate: believing that any fire prevention exercise would be an admission of an arsonist project.