Barcelona is currently in talks to secure a new contract for Pau Victor, who had a successful season playing for Rafa Marquez’s team. Victor, who was on loan with Barca Atletic, emerged as the top scorer for the team during the promotion play-off final. Despite the recommendation from Marquez, Barcelona chose not to exercise the purchase option in his contract, leading him to return to Girona.

However, Barcelona has expressed their interest in retaining Victor and have initiated discussions with his agent to negotiate a deal with Girona. The negotiations may also involve Oriol Romeu, who had a challenging season upon returning to Barcelona last year.

The potential extension of Victor’s contract would be advantageous for Barca Atletic, especially since several players from Marquez’s squad have departed this summer. The decision to keep Victor showcases Barcelona’s commitment to strengthening their team and maintaining a competitive edge in the upcoming season.

Furthermore, retaining Victor could provide continuity and stability to the team, as his goal-scoring prowess was instrumental in their success last season. His presence would not only bolster the attacking line-up but also contribute to the overall cohesiveness of the squad.

In addition, the negotiations with Girona signify Barcelona’s willingness to collaborate and engage in productive discussions to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. This approach demonstrates a strategic and diplomatic approach to resolving contractual matters and player transfers.

Overall, Barcelona’s efforts to secure a new deal with Pau Victor reflect their dedication to nurturing talent and building a strong foundation for continued success. By prioritizing the retention of key players like Victor, Barcelona is laying the groundwork for a promising future and a competitive edge in the football landscape.